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Content Versioning

The versioning tool allows the content creator keep up tp 5 versions of the content. These versions live under the project/versions folder. The tool always discards the oldest version number if the user request more than 5 versions. By default this tool is not enabled and only has to be enabled once.


  1. Enable to versioning feature (once only):

    presidium versioning --enable
  2. Start the next version.

    presidium versioning next
  3. Update the last version.

    presidium versioning update

To go back to any previous version, just copy the version back to the main /content folder

Link Validation

This tool reports links within a Presidium site. You can use this tool see which links are broken, points to non standard protocols.

The tool does not need a live Presidium site to work against, so the site does not need to be deployed.

How to use the tool

  1. Generate a local public site by running presidium hugo:

    presidium hugo
  2. Next run the tool pointing to the public site:

    presidium report pagelinks ./public

Inspect the report

For example:

presidium validate ./public

        total: 864
  valid links: 864
       broken: 0
     external: 0
     warnings: 0

Broken links, external and dynamic (and/or non standard) links will be reported in detail.

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