Getting Started

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Install Presidium

1. Install Homebrew

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

2. Add SPAN’s Homebrew tap

brew tap SPANDigital/homebrew-tap

3. Install Presidium with Homebrew

brew install presidium

4. Install Hugo with Homebrew

brew install hugo

5. Download and install Golang

Run Presidium

Start the wizard to create a new Presidium Site:

presidium init

Follow the wizard instructions:

  • Project Name: The name of the folder that contains your Presidium Site
  • Title: The title for your Presidium Site
  • Template: The template to use. Templates provide different starting sites based on your needs.
  • Theme: The theme to use. Themes provide different look and feel for your Presidium Site

Then, navigate to the newly created folder (with your project name) and start a local server:

hugo serve

Update Content

You can make changes to the following files and folders:

  • content/ Content folder for all your articles
  • config.yaml Site configuration properties
  • static/ Static folder for all your resources (images, etc.)

All changes can be made without having to restart the local server

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