Software documentation that doesn’t suck.
Presidium is a software documentation management system for Agile teams and their users, made from the stuff software engineers love.

Presidium is built from the tools you already use, such as GitHub or Bitbucket for content management, Markdown for content markup, Hugo to generate static sites, a sprinkling of Javascript for dynamic menus, and an extensible approach for ingesting existing content from Swagger, Javadoc, JSDoc...with more to come.

If you're a software engineer, you already know how to use Presidium.

Easy Install and Upgrade

npm makes installation and upgrade a, trivial, single command activity. No need to modify your content during upgrades.

Instant Publication

Author and review content on your desktop, then publish via Github pages with a single checkin.

Flexible Team Workflow

Use Gitflow or whatever process you prefer to manage the content development process in your team.

Configurable Presentation

Modify pre-configured content structure and visual style to best meet your needs. Templates include software, design, and onboarding documentation.

Easily Incorporate Existing Content

A library of content ingestion packages can import existing content written with in Javadoc, Swagger, and JSdoc and stored in other repositories.

Sound Content Strategy

Employ best practices from knowledge management and learning systems-micro-articles with focused topics ensure clarity and ease of maintenance.

Up and running in minutes...

$ brew tap SPANDigital/homebrew-tap

$ brew install presidium

$ presidium init

You can find the source code on Github

Presidium is available under an Apache 2.0 License