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Link Validation

The link validation tool enables you to validate all the links in your site. The tool indicates which links are valid, broken, and/or external, and provides a warning for potentially broken links.

Run Link Validator

Basic usage:

$ npm run validate


The link validation tool produces the following output for each unique link found in your site:

VALID:          /recipes/structure/
VALID:          /recipes/structure/#nested-articles
BROKEN:         /broken-link
BROKEN:         /recipes/structure/#incorrect-anchor
WARNING:        /recipes/structure is missing a trailing '/'


The link validator supports multiple arguments:

Argument Options Default value Description
fail_on_errors true, false true Specify if the process should produce an error (and stop) when invalid links are detected.
log all, valid, broken, warning, external all Limits the logging of console messages based on the parameter specified.
check author N/A Specifies which front-matter properties should be validated - only author is currently supported.

Full example:

$ npm run validate -- --fail_on_errors=false --log=broken --check=author 

Known Issues

  • The link validation tool currently marks any assets from /media as BROKEN.

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