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Front Matter serves two purposes:

  • Indicates that the file should be included as an article in the build process
  • Allows you to set properties for your article

For example:

title: Presidium
authors: github-username
roles: Developer
status: Draft

Presidium includes the following front matter variables:

variable description
title A string representing the article or subsection title or the title of the subsection.
author A string, generally the Github username of the main author of the article.
roles A list of strings representing the appropriate roles for an article.
status A string that indicates the status of the article (draft, complete, in progress, etc.)


Every article can include an author in the front matter:

author: {author name}

Optional links to authors can be enabled by setting a base authors-url in the site config:


To hide or show authors on your generated site, enable or disable the component in the site config:

  author: true|false

User Roles

Various roles can be added to a site to allow readers to filter articles and menu items by a target audience.

This optional feature can be enabled by defining user roles in the site config.

  label: "Show documentation for role"
  all: "All Roles"
    - "Business Analyst"
    - "Developer"
    - "Tester"
    - "..."

If a role is not specified, articles default to roles.all.

Articles can have one or more roles defined in front matter:

roles: [Developer, Business Analyst]
roles: [Developer]
roles: Business Analyst


Each article can be assigned a status to track its lifecycle:

  • draft
  • review
  • published
  • retired

Statuses can be set in the site’s front matter:

status: draft|review|published|retired

To show or hide statuses on your generated site, use the following setting in the site config:

show-status: true|false

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