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Github Pages

Github Pages provides a quick and convenient means of hosting and serving your documentation from a Github repository.

  1. Checkout the branch that you would like to publish from.
  2. Commit and push all your changes to your Github repository.
  3. Run npm run gh-pages to build and push a generated site to a gh-pages branch in your repository.
  4. You will need to enable gh-pages in your repository settings to make your documentation available online.
  5. You may host your documentation using a custom domain. Setting the cname property in your _config.yml exports your custom domain with your generated site.


Bitbucket hosting is provided by setting up a separate repository to host your generated site. To serve your content on Bitbucket:

  1. Create a hosting repository named <your username> or <your team name>
  2. Build the static site: npm run build
  3. Copy the generated site from dist/site to the hosting repository and push to Bitbucket
  4. The content will be served from: <your username> or <your team name>

Custom domain names are currently not supported by Bitbucket by Bitbucket.

Custom Hosting

A common use case is to build Presidium documentation using a continuous integration environment. The generated website can be served by a web host of your choice depending on your particular requirements.

Running npm run build will build the generated static website in the dist/site directory. This may be copied over and served by any host such as Apache HTTP, Nginx or an AWS S3.

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