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Directory Structure

The site structure generated by Presidium follows the directory structure of the Presidium repository. Sections and articles are arranged in the operating system’s default ordering of files and directories. Sections can be nested up to four levels deep, although we recommend only using one or two levels of nesting to make it easier to find content.

The following is an example of how you can order and organize files and directories using numeric prefixes:

    ├── 02-Directory-2.3
    │   ├──
    │   ├──
    │   ├──

The directory and filenames are used for sorting; they are generally not displayed in the generated site. To make it easier to edit and arrange your content, we recommend that the filename contains the title of the article and the directory name contains the name of the section.

The title of a sub-section should be set by providing an file in the folder with the following front matter:

title: Sub Section Heading

If no index file is provided, the directory name is used as the section name.

Article Concatenation

When a Presidium user makes a selection from the left menu, all articles in that section are concatenated onto a single page. This allows readers to easily scroll through all articles in a section. This is a useful because adjacent articles in a section are typically related.

This behavior is enabled by default, but can be disabled using the following site config:

include-nested-articles: true | false

Generating Article HTML

It can be useful to access an article’s html without the navigation menu or headers and footers. This enables you to easily embed articles in other sites and systems.

When building a site, you can set whether the html for each article is generated separately. To generate html for all articles in a section, set the export-articles property in the site config:

  - title: "Glossary"
    url: "/glossary/"
    collection: glossary
    export-articles: true

In this example, when export-articles is set to true, the generated site will include html files for all articles in the Glossary section:

  └── glossary
      ├── article-a.html
      ├── article-b.html
      ├── article-c.html
      └── index.html

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