Getting Started

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Download the Template

Presidium includes templates for:

  • Software documentation
  • On-boarding
  • Design systems

Download the desired template and extract the contents to a working directory. Or, just run one of the following:

$ git clone
$ git clone
$ git clone

Install Dependencies

Install the required dependencies by running the following command from your working directory:

$ npm install

Make sure you have the following prerequisites installed if you encounter any errors:

  • npm v3.10+
  • ruby v2.1+
  • bundler v1.14.3+

Run Presidium

Start a local server with your generated site by running the following command:

$ npm start

This will build your site in dist/site and serve it on: http://localhost:4000/

Update Content

You can make changes to the following files and folders:

  • content/ Content folder for all your articles
  • media/ Media folder for static content such as images, attachments, or css
  • _config.yml Site configuration properties

Updates to content, media, or css can be made without having to restart the local server.

Structural or configuration changes currently require a server restart by running: ctr+c and npm start

Publish Your Site

Presidium builds a static website in the dist/site directory which may be hosted by any web server.

If you are using Github or Bitbucket to manage your documentation, you may choose to use Github Pages or Bitbucket to quickly and easily publish your documentation online.

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